Oracle Security Governor For Healthcare

September 23, 2010 Leave a comment

At Oracle Open World event, Oracle announced a new Solution for Healthcare that leverages the most complete Identity Management product line offering to meet Fraud Prevention and Compliance needs of the Healthcare Industry.

Oracle Security Governor, is a unique, comprehensive security governance solution that helps healthcare organizations with proactive detection and prevention of security and privacy breaches. Its risk monitoring capabilities through the use of analytics and reporting provide complete visibility into data and application access and suspicious insider activity helping meet regulatory compliance needs. It helps address some of today’s key needs around privacy and security breach in the healthcare industry such as:

  • VIP record snooping
  • Medical identity theft and fraud
  • Healthcare data theft and fraud
  • Coworker, family member and neighbor record snooping

Specific capabilities include:

  • Historical Privacy and Security Breach Detection: used for audit trails and for detection of suspicious activities related to access, privacy, fraud and security breaches that have taken place in the past.
  • Real Time Privacy and Security Breach Detection and Prevention: detects and prevents suspicious and fraudulent activity, such as medical theft or insider snooping on confidential and sensitive information, in real time.
  • Rapid Incident Investigation: criteria based automated reporting functionality that allows rapid incident detection and workflow.
  • Automated Privacy Audits: audits activities of various entities and applications and reports suspicious activities, so the organization can monitor and manage privacy.
  • Customizable Risk Analytics and Reports: customizable risk analytics and reporting provides healthcare organizations with the insights that matter most to meet demanding security and compliance programs.

More details are available here and here.

Oracle OpenWorld And Identity Management

September 18, 2010 Leave a comment

A more detailed “Focus On Identity Management” doc is here.

Date & Time
Title of Presentation
Mon 11am Oracle Identity Management 11g Overview Moscone South 309
Tue 2pm Simplify IDM with Directory Services – Moscone South 309
Tues  3:30pm Oracle’s IDM Strategy (for Sun, Oracle Customers Alike) Moscone South 310
Wed 1pm Building a Strong Foundation for Your Cloud with  IDM Moscone South 309
Wed 4:45pm Complete Identity & Access Governance with OIA 11g Moscone South 309
Tues 5pm How Cisco Achieved Large-Scale, Highly Available Access Management Moscone South 310

Regional Fraud Prevention Summit

August 22, 2010 Leave a comment

HHS Secretary Sebelius and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder host the second in a series of Health Care Fraud Prevention Summits in Los Angeles, CA, on Thursday, August 26.

Watch the event live on August 26 at 2pm EDT / 11am PST at

To learn about the administration’s efforts to curb health care fraud, visit

Healthcare Suffers More Data Breaches Than Financial Services So Far This Year

August 20, 2010 Leave a comment

According to latest figures, healthcare organizations have disclosed more than three times the breaches suffered by the financial services industry so far this year. An interesting read. The breach stats report is available here.

Patient Confidentiality – An Evergrowing Concern for Healthcare

August 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Patient confidentiality is the biggest growing concern today for healthcare organizations. The availability of electronic health records and the ability to access these records using various devices without any geographic limitation have significant security implications. Further, compliance with government regulations can be time consuming and cost-intensive.

Healthcare IT Infranstructure

In order to address these concerns healthcare providers must implement solutions that provide secure access to clinical applications and protect the underlying IT infrastructure from misuse by insiders and identity thieves. Such a solution must be scalable and reusable in a healthcare IT environment that is typically complex and heterogeneous. In an upcoming post will cover some of the Patient confidentiality related threats and Oracle’s product offerings that help address these specific threats.

Identity And Security Trends in HealthCare

August 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Welcome! The focus of this blog is on trends, new identity management technologies/solutions from Oracle and innovative aspects of Security and Identity Management – in a variety of contexts as it applies to the healthcare industry.

Healthcare organizations worldwide today are adopting new approaches to better serve the needs of an increasingly complex patient population. These organizations need to provide improved patient safety, offer streamlined provider workflow, more rapid and distributed access to medical information, and better clinical audit capabilities. Additionally, with the advent of electronic health records (eHR) and Health Information Exchanges (HIE), the focus has shifted to “patient-centric” or “consumer-driven” healthcare, requiring a new level of integration between healthcare services and IT systems. The transformation of healthcare IT infrastructure, with the aim of involving consumers, physicians, payers, employers, and government as never before, has become central to business agenda.

Oracle’s Identity Management product offerings enable customers to efficiently comply with regulatory requirements, secure critical applications and sensitive data, and lower operational costs. Using the best-in-class suite of identity management solutions available, enterprises can manage the entire user identity life cycle across enterprise resources—both within and beyond the firewall. In this blog, I will be discussing how some of the existing and exciting new product offerings from Oracle address specific complex business challenges around security and privacy in the Healthcare vertical.

Stay tuned!


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